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FLY First Love Yourself

Author Name: Sana Malhotra & Anvitaa Malhotra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A coming of age story of a girl, Shey Kapoor, who grows up in an Indian household, which is usually the hub of smothering love, hugs and cuddles. But regardless of the cliché that surrounds an Indian home, Shey grows up with an urge to find her freedom along with her voice still deeply rooted in her culture. Her journey is every housemaker’s ultimate dream – to find who they truly are.

Shey’s notorious nature allows her to find happiness even in her hardships. She believes her reality lies between her fictional escapades and her dreams for herself. Shey’s empathy for her loved ones overshadows her love for herself but she soon realizes she can’t keep everyone happy unless she is happy with herself.

FLY is her journey of self-love and discovery.


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Sana Malhotra & Anvitaa Malhotra

Sana Malhotra, 24, is an aspiring filmmaker who has studied the art from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. The city of angels has helped her find her true calling in her words and she is now at the start of her writing journey to avenge suppressed voices and put them in the light, the hidden emotions that are taken for granted, and remind everyone that your story is what you make of it. This is Sana’s first book as an author but it is an ideal match to test her skill and her power as a writer as it is inspired by true events from her mother’s life, Anvita Malhotra.

Anvitaa Malhotra by nature aspires to inspire people. She has a charm that convinces you to believe in her and yourself simultaneously. She was into jewelry for years until she realized how helping others was all that she wanted to do. So, she trained to become a life coach and continues to practice Buddhism, the calm to her chaos, and combines her teachings into helping people who feel lost and seek guidance in their lives. Her empathy radiates through her words and her ability to listen, in turn, makes her clients trust her instincts and take the first step in loving themselves.