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Forelsket The Gut Rush Euphoria Exclusive to the Feeling of Love

Author Name: Vibhuti S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

“Among those ongoing wars between the heart and the brain, which mastermind is more likely to win?“ This poetry book reminds you that the heart and mind might compete among themselves all the time, but they are tied together by the soul. Each poem frees the emotions from the vault and cautiously, takes you to the depth of it.

As you flip through the pages of this book, you will encounter love that wasn't loved back, a light that constantly shone and directed me all the way, and changes that were quite strange to accept. Embracing heartache and warmth, questioned if my cold hand could ever warm someone's heart, and if these words could ever hit someone's soul.

This poetry collection is as dramatic as a Bollywood movie and as deep as the Pacific Ocean. Open these pages and sail along with the sea that has been made because of poems. The weather is unpredictable here too, it might be harsh in some places, but it will lead you to a paradise and not to where Robinson Crusoe lived. This book is most of the heart, some of the mind and the whole of the soul.

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Vibhuti S

Embracing her teenage with a mindset of “good girls have to be right” to making wrong choices but unleashing the greatest of interests. Vibhuti has been a passionate writer for as long as she can remember, but in her experience, her teen years discovered the real poet within her. She once said, “When I was nine, I used to feel like a cup of tea with no cardamom and a disproportionate balance of milk and water, but now at this point, I feel like a strong cup of masala chai, with all the right proportions.”

Learning from her past, and present and trying to advise her future self, she has penned down everything from love to heartache, to friends making up and falling out. She drives her inspiration from her personal life and considers Ed Sheeran to have brought her to the morning through her darkest nights. She strongly believes in the "Hierarchy of Needs" proposed by "Abraham Maslow" because self-actualisation requires a sense of affiliation and belongingness. “No seed became a tree the day it was sown, it had to be nurtured for years,” she says, and she is the seed nurtured by her family that has started growing and will stand tall even in a ferocious storm.



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