From Guardian to Orphan Love is not an attachment, It is a commitment

by Ganesh Kudva


Type : Paperback

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Print Edition India


Summary of the Book

This is the story of an adopted girl and her parent. The struggle of the parent to bring up the girl with a good character, good education and to make her a scientist. As time goes by, the parent realizes that his dream of making her a scientist evaporates. The girl who was an orphan wants to have a family of her own and does not want to be a scientist. The love, the affairs which haunt her and her guardian is possibly reflected in todays real life scenario. This is a heart-rendering story of a guardian told in the form of a first person in the guardians own words.

About the Author

The author Ganesh Kudva is a first time author. This is his first experience of writing. He is about 45 years old and stays alone in Mangalore. He has got no family of his own. He is a former badminton and cricket player. A fitness maniac who works out daily in the gym. He is a teetotaler. He is interested in pre-history, science and archaeology. He is a regular blood donor and is also a known social worker in Mangalore.

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