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Ghazni's Gold NA

Author Name: Sonny Punj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Kris Hamsun, Professional Diver and Project Manager on offshore Oil & Gas projects, suffers occasionally from memory lapses for brief moments, while submerged for extended periods. Required to obtain fresh Diver certification for himself for a major project in the Indian Ocean region, he sails through the certification, but during the process comes in contact with the delectable Susan Brent, Professor of Psychology, who helps him explore the cause of his various drift events while diving.  

Their budding romance blossoms into a long term relationship and the explorations they initiate on his drifts, lead Kris on a journey back in time, one thousand years, to an era unmatched in aggression, when seventeen full-fledged invasions were conducted into India, in a compressed time of twenty-five years, by a GHAZNI based Marauder. Kris and a group of dive buddies undertake a risky nighttime wreck recovery dive operation, befitting their Nordic ancestry, which results in the recovery of tons of gold briquettes valued at a billion-plus dollars, while covertly evading the intense scrutiny of Ghazni’s successors still marauding in the region. 

In this adventure, they are guided by one Raghu, Kris’s mentor, and his predecessor in a previous incarnation. Raghu had masterfully executed the tasks assigned to him, which culminated in Kris’s successful treasure haul after a lapse of an unanticipated thousand years. 

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Sonny Punj

Unusual for a first Novel to be authored by a seventy-two-year-old, Sonny brings to bear decades of personal experience and reading into this initial effort.  At age 17 certified by the International Red Cross in Chicago as a qualified Life Guard, he personally rescued four youngsters from the bottom of the swimming pool during his stints as Summer Time Guard at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Gym in the mid-sixties’ when community service programs were first put into effect by the Institute, encouraging neighbourhood kids to enjoy its facilities.

Later while completing his Bachelors and subsequent Masters in Engineering degrees at the Institute, he qualified as a trained Deep Sea Diver and participated in several Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean wreck exploration expeditions during his seven-year stint at the Institute.  

When writing on these subjects, his recall of personal activities undertaken in that period of his life proved invaluable in reproducing feelings and emotions actually experienced personally.

Thoughts and experiences collected over a lifetime went into putting this first novel together with a planned seven sequels to follow in the same genre of Time Travel through Reincarnation.