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Golden Womb (B/W) Interactive Journal for Expecting Couples

Author Name: Tamanna Sarda | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

This is a pregnancy journal Golden Womb - interactive activity fun-based book that covers all the topics an expectant mother should know through these special months, so she can create a magical bond with her growing baby and make memories for a lifetime.

Filled with ambivalent feelings, an expecting mother is determined to face the biggest challenge of her life, something that she cannot express, share or communicate to anyone else in the exact magnitude that she feels, but by reading this book and doing activities they can have much relaxed, calm and stress-free pregnancy. 

By Dr. Rajkumari Somani, MD Obstetrics, Gynecologist.

Pregnancy is one of the best things that happened to me. The atmosphere around the parents-to-be should be full of love and warmth which I feel really reflects so positively on your baby.

By Dr. Shruthi Prashanth, MS OBG, Professor.

Doctors and experienced moms have shared their views in the testimonial corner given in the book to ease your pregnancy journey. In this journal various topics are covered, like a rundown of what to expect on a weekly basis, affirmations and tips to prepare you for your delivery day, monthly tasks, activities, and lots of games are there to educate and amuse the parents-to-be.

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Tamanna Sarda

Tamanna loves exploring new things and thereby creates unforgettable memories for a lifetime. She thoroughly enjoyed the journey of both her pregnancies with her partner by embracing each and every moment and still cherishes it. She strongly believes that all of us should never miss an opportunity to indulge with the little one in our womb because enjoying one’s pregnancy is the first gift to your child.