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Graphology Numbers Decode Personality Beyond Handwriting & Signatures Through Numerals

Author Name: Varun L. Rupani | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Every number tells a story, and every story hides in its strokes and curves. In Graphology Numbers, Varun L. Rupani introduces a fresh perspective to understanding ourselves through the numbers we jot down. Venture beyond mere digits to uncover hints about personalities, quirks, and secrets. Whether you have delved into graphology before or are just starting your journey, this book invites you to a world where numbers speak louder than words. 

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Varun L. Rupani

Discover the enigma of numbers and their connection to the human psyche with Varun L. Rupani, a renowned graphologist and TEDx speaker. While many delve into the letters, he dares to venture beyond, exploring the revelations numbers can offer. 

Hailing from India, but with a message that speaks to a global audience, Varun's insights are drawn from a blend of meticulous research, hands-on experience, and a genuine passion for understanding human behaviour through the art of handwriting. Beyond graphology, his expertise expands into face reading, numerology, and statement analysis, offering a comprehensive lens to view personality dynamics.

With titles like GraphoPsychology, Right Writer Wrong Traits, Graphology Dictionary, Graphology Test, and The Graphopreneur, his contributions to the field are significant. Graphology Numbers stands yet another testament to his dedication. Additionally, his works such as One Face Many Traits, Colour Dictionary and Secretive Numbers Mysterious Destiny reflect his depth and versatility.

If you want to explore beyond the realm of numbers and dive deeper into the comprehensive world of graphology, Varun L. Rupani invites you on a transformative expedition. Connect with the World School of Handwriting on +91 9920925666 or discover the extensive array of courses on offer at 



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