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Handful of sky

by Rajasri Sen

Format: Paperback

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Sumitra – a spirited and ambitious young woman brought up in pre-independence Bengal – gets married to Debojit. She then moves to Bombay to start her new life and she is overjoyed. She has big dreams and lofty aspirations for the both of them but she is uninitiated in the ways of the world and is in for a rude shock. Her world view is shattered as she gets caught in a vortex of scheming and vindictive in-laws, and a naïve and unsupportive husband. After years of mistreatment interjected with brief periods of marital bliss, Sumitra slowly starts feeling that her life seems to be heading in the right direction. But misfortune strikes in the form of Debojit’s death.

This is a story of how Sumitra’s journey from daughter to wife to mother teaches her to navigate through the slippery slopes of familial life and get acquainted with the harsh realities of societal prejudices. At the same time, she tries to keep alive her desire to achieve something and carve out an identity of her own.


Handful of sky





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