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Author Name: Dr. Vivek S. Jagadale | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

PAIN from arthritis can be troubling, disruptive and depressive. Hip joint replacement for arthritis of a hip joint is like a heart transplant for a damaged heart. It is evolving, and demand is increasing, as is the apprehension. This book gives a precise approach, guidance and education on how to overcome fear, what to expect, and how to cope up with the surgery faster and safer. This book is extremely valuable for a patient or a family member or a doctor who is trying to help a patient with arthritis. Most of the pain-controlling options are temporary and unsatisfactory. Hip joint replacement is the best long-term solution to end-stage arthritis. There are so many questions in the minds of patients, families as well as consulting practitioners that remain unanswered until the surgery is scheduled and occasionally even after leading to less than desired outcomes. There is no good single resource or handbook in the market that can answer all these questions from a real surgeon’s standpoint which will help alleviate the stress and help patients and their families make wise, informed decisions. They ask: I am scared of operations but my pain is terrible, should I get this operation? Is it safe? How long will it take before I STOP Hurting? Will I die if something goes wrong?

The authors of ‘Hip Hop’ book have made every effort to provide detailed, thoughtful information regarding questions about this complex and ‘life-altering’ surgery that is accurate and complete as of the date of publication. 

We firmly believe that an adequately educated patient and family do much better with the treatment provided in the best possible way than otherwise. It not only makes the patient happy but also improves their outlook, outcomes, recovery, and satisfaction. 

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Dr. Vivek S. Jagadale

Dr. Vivek S. Jagadale


Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery (USA)

Diplomate National Board in Orthopedics (India)

Fellow in Adult Reconstructive Hip and Knee Surgery (USA)

Fellow in Adult Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery (USA)

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (USA)

Dr. Jagadale is an Indian American, double fellowship trained, double board certified, adult reconstructive orthopedic surgeon, author, educator and researcher on orthopedics, fitness, recovery, medicine, surgery, genetics and deep learning. He primarily practices his specialty in central Florida as well as in western India. He has conducted several funded research projects, authored numerous scholarly and educational articles for a variety of journals, media, international educational events and has received numerous accolades. This book is a classic example of his tireless mission to explore, excel, and educate the medical, research and techies striving to deliver the highest level of care to their society.



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