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I Believe I Will I Can

Author Name: Bomi Doctor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This is the perfect book to kick start your quest to become a successful person. The author prescribes a time-tested recipe to develop inner strength and self-belief. Devoid of these ingredients it seems impossible for one to achieve any form of success. Digging deep into the recesses of his own treasure trove of experience with personal, and professional obstacles and cancer, he offers the reader hope and strength to face their own demons, victoriously. Highly recommended for those who need to believe in themselves.

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Bomi Doctor

Bomi has been a keynote speaker, author of a number of papers, articles and even a successful book on various issues related to management styles, strategies, and people development called “The Leadership Handbook”. 

A year since his well-received, first book, Bomi is delighted at the release of his second book, “I believe”.

“I believe” delves into the difference between success and failure and how one can overcome it.

Why does the person, who practices adequately, is a favourite to win, fail at the penultimate moment?

 We have all known a gregarious person, the life of the party, one who seems to have it all, even a willingness to work hard, that optimist with ‘natural’ talent   - fail to achieve his/her goals.

Why?   What goes wrong?

So enticingly close to victory, yet that victory always remains elusive, unattainable. Why couldn’t he/she clinch it?

It’s a common refrain about such people who fail in this manner - “lovely person but simply does not have what it takes to be a winner”.

To understand why and to overcome this “failure” read the book I believe. It is a matter of fact one needs to accept, the skill-set winners possess and others lack, the I believe spirit.

And that my friends are the central theme of this book.

A must for those who want to imbibe the Killer Instinct and be Winners in their life. 

Get that I believe spirit.