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I’m Thoughting On ADHD, Dyslexia, and Parenting Outside the Box

Author Name: PH Acharya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Not Just Another Parenting Book

When your child was born to colour outside the lines, you have to learn to too...

Are you exhausted while braving the high seas of modern-day schooling?

Life coach and certified tired parent PH Acharya takes us through a journey of doubt, diagnosis and dyslexia. In a world of cookie-cut-out students, I’m Thoughting recounts raising a child who won’t fit the mould.

To parent children with ADHD/Specific Learning Disabilities effectively, you’ve got to get creative...

Punishment? Bribery? Blackmail?

Sports? Art? Therapy?

Will they? Ever? Sit still??

In her characteristic crisp yet personal style, Acharya answers with expert tips and some homemade tricks.

Between remedies and to-dos, you’re in for anecdotes that end with guaranteed laughs! Ah, the confusions of parenting and the joys of colouring outside the lines!

From guilt to acceptance and the struggles in between...A wonderful portrayal of what parents experience while raising children with differences.

- Ms Massarat Khan
CEO Maharashtra Dyslexia Association

A family united in their quest to understand and equip their ‘differently wired’ one.
Humorously inspirational!

- Ms Rukshan Vakil
Clinical Psychologist, Remedial Educator, SLD Expert

Paperback 241

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PH Acharya

Cancer survivors' mentor PH Acharya is a Life & Executive Coach, Graphotherapist, author, social worker, & a committed mother to two wonderful personalities. With a flair for oration & years of mentorship experience, Acharya pushes the boundaries on what one woman can do by herself. Her other works include Tat Tvam Asi & the acclaimed Bald Is Beautiful. 

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