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Author Name: JAI PRAKASH DWIVEDI | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

This  book attempts to describe changing father  - son relationship  as they travel  their journey of life.  A father of modern age, finds  himself quite helpless in coping with the challenges  thrown before him by  circumstances arising  due to generational gaps. initially he  enjoys  a golden period with his son when he is a child. As son grows, father's dreams take wings.  He wants to achieve through his son what he could not achieve in his life. He enjoys AHAA....segment of his life journey. Gradually, things change.  Sometimes he finds his beloved son behaving differently. He is not able to understand sudden changes happening within his son.  This is the time of occasional shocks - the OUCH..segment of father-son relationship. Life goes further and at some stage , father finds himself alone, cheated, disappointed and defeated -- is  it the beginning of AAAH..segment of his life as well as their relationship ?. The book also suggests certain measures / ways of life where fathers are left to fade away on their own.

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Born in a family of farmers in a small village Pairapur located in Vindhyakshetra between Kashi and Prayag, Dwivedi's childhood passed through fields and cattle. From a very early age of 7 years, he started helping his 59-year-old father in fields. Though sharp in studies, he felt embarrassed when he was beaten and then forced by the teacher to sit in the position of a MURGA (cock) and sound Kukkudu-koo ten times as punishment for keeping a frog in drawers of the teacher's table. For him, a teacher appeared the most powerful creature on this earth. He wanted to become a teacher in the same middle school and make others murga. When told by somebody in a lighter vein that he too can become a teacher if he scores the highest marks in his class. TBesides working in fields he burnt midnight oil and scored the highest marks up to 10th class. Seeing that everybody in University hostel was preparing for IAS and nobody wanted to be a teacher, he once again shifted his goal to clear Civil Services Exams. He did that on the first attempt. He served the Government of India for 32 years and retired from the Ministry of Defence. presently he is enjoying post-retirement life in NCR Delhi. Two of his sons are settled in the USA and Mumbai respectively with their families. Pairapur to Mirzapur to Allahabad to Delhi to California... what a journey!! The true life story of his struggle and success is depicted in his first book KUKKUDU KOO - A MURGA THAT CRACKS IAS EXAMS published by Notion Press and is available at AMAZON, FLIP KART, NOTION PRESS, and other worldwide publications/portals. FATHERHOOD: A JOURNEY THROUGH AHHHA... OUCH....AND AAAH... is his second book depicting Father-Son relations in the modern age and fathers' dilemma in coping with generational challenges.



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