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IIT JEE Physics Problems and Solutions Volume I

by G.Ganguli

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

IIT JEE Physics Problems and Solutions Volume I is an excellent resource for high school students, who are determined to acquire the confidence and skill to tackle the IIT JEE Physics paper through self-study. Volume I covers statics, dynamics, thermodynamics and liquids. Volume II covers electricity, magnetism, light, sound and modern physics.

This volume contains solutions to more than 400 problems from Irodov's Problems in General Physics that are within the scope of the IIT JEE syllabus. There are other problems and solutions as well. The solutions are sound, short and crisp and the use of diagrams is lavish.

An important component is the 100 pages of notes, which are concise compilations of theories and results needed to solve the problems.



Gautam  Ganguli is a metallurgical engineer  and a gold medallist in the Senior Cambridge School Leaving Examinations in 1959.He graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 1963.

After a busy corporate life he embarked on a project to edit, compile and publish the tutorial notes and solved examples left behind by the legendary late Dr. Ram Gopal Chatterji who taught Physics in I.I.T.Kharagpur until his retirement in 1982, and coached high school students preparing for the Physics paper of the IIT Joint Entrance Examinations thereafter almost till his death in 2000.The first of two volumes has already been published. This is the second and final volume of the compilation.


Gautam has brought to this task the same uncompromising insistence on quality, precision and concern for the user that characterise his professional life



IIT JEE Physics Problems and Solutions Volume I





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