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Author Name: RATHNAA R NAVEEN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

We come into this world without any prior knowledge. But, leading a life without awareness is a crime. Our lives will move on whether we like it or not, whether we cry or laugh. So why waste this ever-moving and changing world by complaining, cribbing and crying all the time. We have all the tools to correct and mend ourselves for our own good. Let us bring change in ourselves to bring change in others. In order to bring change in ourselves, we need to be attentive without which we will be confused which in turn will lead to distraction. So bring clarity to your life and your mind. A clear mind can attract anything in this world and also a cool and calm mind will create wonders. You can achieve that clarity by reading this book. A clear mind is a magnet and by reading this book you will also become a magnet and attract positive things like health, wealth, happiness and everything you wish for will flow towards you if you follow the steps given.

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Rathnaa R Naveen was born and brought up in Bangalore. She is very passionate about reading and writing. She multitasks as a life coach, lecturer and also as an accountant. She changed her life after she started practising the steps mentioned in this book. She loves to share her experiences with others to inspire people towards leading a happy life. Her passion is to bring a positive change in the minds of people as the mind is the game-changer.  This book will be the ready reckoner for transforming from Impossible to I am always possible state.

All the beautiful hearts, come let’s enjoy the life, live the life to the fullest and most importantly, convert our life according to our will and wishes. Anything is possible in this world and the author is a daring example of that. 



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