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In search of the ghost

by Rahul Vinod

Format: Paperback

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“Who am i?”

With that question echoing in his mind, Sidharth Karat finds himself in a hospital room with no recollection of where he was or how he got there.

“How do you track a killer that leaves no clues behind?”

That was the question that haunted the task force created for capturing a serial killer nicknamed the ghost, due to the killer’s ability to vanish without a trace after each murder. It was a race against time as each passing day meant another brutal murder.

As their paths cross, they soon learn the true meaning of the word


Rahul Vinod, son of Vinod P I, was born on august 16th 1991 in Calicut, where he attended school till the age of 7, before shifting to cochin. At the age of 16, he shifted back to Calicut. Ever since he was a child, he had a special fascination for books and the endless mysteries within them. It was then that he dreamt of writing his own book one day. After years of wandering through wayward paths, he finally made his dream a reality. The novel ‘In search of the ghost’ is his debut novel. He is hugely inspired by the works of Dan Brown, Sydney Sheldon and Stephen king. He currently resides in Calicut, where he’s working on his next novel.

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In search of the ghost





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