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India a Sporting Powerhouse? Unravelling the Path to Accomplish the Dream

Author Name: Ranadeep Sain | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoping in 1984 said that the impact and influence of sports are so great that it reflects a country’s economy and civilisation. The vision he and others had helped China within 24 years to dominate the world of sports at its biggest sporting event, The Summer Olympics of 2008 at Beijing, where it secured the highest number of Gold medals surpassing giants like the USA, Russia, Germany, France and UK. Today, China is a superpower. Can India become a superpower? Can India become a global powerhouse in sports?
At the heart of India’s tryst with sports from cricket to the Olympics is a fascinating premise that takes you down the memory lane to witness Indian cricket’s failures and successes through the eyes of a young boy who is passionate and emotional about India’s only passion in sports which is cricket and finds out the reason for its reluctance and incapability in the biggest sports event, the Olympics.
It gives us a dream and a hope that one day in the near future, India will be crowned a Champion Sporting Nation and proudly cement its place among the legionnaire of the greatest nations.

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Ranadeep Sain

Ranadeep Sain, born on the 5th of April 1985, is a banker by profession and a certified Sports peak performance and mindset transformation coach. He was born in West Bengal and brought up in a small town called Ghatsila in Jharkhand. Ever since childhood, Ranadeep had an avid interest in sports especially cricket. His father, who was an ex-cricketer himself, introduced him to deuce ball cricket at the tender age of six. His passion for cricket made him the captain of his school team in cricket and also the leader of teams when he played the sport in college. His enthusiasm for the sport even made him choose cricket as a career when he graduated at the age of 21 and made him run pillar to post to get a chance to play in one of the first divisions’ clubs in Kolkata. He eventually found a place in Dalhousie AC which allowed him to rubbed shoulders with none other than Mohammed Shami of India.

He is imbued with patriotism and his dream is to see India become one of the sporting powerhouses of the world.