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Infinite whispers to the sky

Author Name: Vanshika Tomar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

" And While finding ways to never lose you, I lost you! "                  Infinite Whispers To The Sky is a collection of poems on Grief, Loss, Realization And Love. It talks about how beautiful yet painful nostalgia and memories are. And how magically one can express his love through poems and make it - A Forever Thing!       

The world never seemed to be a happy place to me,
Not because it isn't           But because, we see what we are and undoubtedly, I'm nothing but sorrow.           

To anyone feeling this way, I feel you!

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Vanshika Tomar

Vanshika Tomar is a young & dedicated person who loves to read, write and express herself through poems and stories. She started reading poems and novels at the age of 14 and gradually developed a keen interest in poems. She also realised writing as her favourite hobby. She gets fascinated when someone talks about Literature, Art, Books, Nature & Music. 

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