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It’s Still Complicated …because I am still waiting

by Chandra Kant Jaisansaria

Format: Paperback

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Contrary to popular belief, a relationship doesn’t end when they have broken up. A few relationships are stuck in between, somewhere, in sometime; trapped between the shore and the destination.

She has moved on but I didn’t. We both are unhappy without each other but still, we cannot meet. She still cares, she still loves me, but she is still angry with me for what I did. And we don’t seem to have the strength to come back to what we had. But my relationship status will remain It’s Still Complicated till she comes back, no matter what…

This is a story which will never end as few stories are better to be left in between and few people are better to be left stuck as if they are pulled out they would either die or break, maybe, god has forgot to complete their story or he is still writing it.

Chandra Kant Jaisansaria, also known as CK Bansal is a budding author. It’s Still Complicated is his debut novel. Which is inspired by his real life story and promises to touch millions of hearts. After spending most of his life in Sardar Shahar, a very small town in Rajasthan, CK has finally settled down in Delhi where he received his post graduate diploma in Business Management from IIPM (Delhi) and postgraduate degree in Management from IMI, Belgium. CK loves riding bikes in his free time. He is crazy about Rajasthani food, but loves to try new dishes from all other cuisines. The best way to contact CK is through his official fan page on Facebook. You can also write to him at ckbansal23@yahoo.in.



It’s Still Complicated





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