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Java 21

Author Name: Amitesh Kumar Ray | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

In "Java 21 Unleashed," we embark on an exhilarating journey into the future of Java development. With the release of Java 21, a new era of possibilities unfolds for developers worldwide. This book serves as your guide to unlocking the full potential of Java 21's groundbreaking features, including Virtual Threads, Structured Concurrency, Sequenced Collection, and Pattern Matching. Prepare to delve deep into the heart of Java's evolution and witness firsthand how these transformative features are reshaping the landscape of software development.

What to Expect:

1. Dive into the fundamentals of Virtual Threads and discover how they revolutionize concurrency in Java applications.
2. Explore the principles of Structured Concurrency and learn how they promote cleaner, more maintainable code.
3. Uncover the power of Sequenced Collection and its impact on data structure efficiency and predictability.
4. Master the art of Pattern Matching and leverage its capabilities to simplify complex data processing tasks.
Why This Book Matters:

Java 21 represents a quantum leap forward in Java development, and as developers, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. By mastering the latest features introduced in Java 21, you will not only enhance your skills but also position yourself as a leader in the ever-evolving world of software engineering. Whether you're a seasoned Java veteran or a budding enthusiast, "Java 21 Unleashed" is your passport to the forefront of Java innovation.

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Amitesh Kumar Ray

Amitesh Kumar Ray is a seasoned software professional with a decade of experience in core software development, having contributed his expertise to esteemed product-based multinational corporations in India and abroad. He holds a prestigious certification in software design and architecture from the University of Alberta, underscoring his commitment to excellence in the field.

With over five years of specialized experience in software design and architecture, Amitesh has played a pivotal role in the creation of numerous software applications from inception to execution. His ability to conceptualize and implement innovative solutions from scratch has earned him a reputation for delivering high-quality results.

Currently, Amitesh leads a dynamic product development team at Calibo, where he leverages his extensive skill set to drive the creation of cutting-edge products. His primary skill sets include Java, Spring Boot, microservices, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, JavaRX, HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Perl.

Amitesh's dedication to pushing the boundaries of software engineering and his proven track record of success make him a valuable asset to any project or team. His leadership, technical proficiency, and passion for innovation continue to drive forward digital transformation and shape the future of software development.