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Author Name: Pooja Lamba Cheema | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

From a penniless lad at the age of thirteen to a mafia boss in his early youth and a successful businessman as well as a venerated pillar of society in his later life, B.C. Mishra, like the mob boss Corleone, never let his values of dignity and ethics be compromised. Through all his life-altering decisions, he remained steadfast and courageous. His fairness, generosity, and sincerity, plus an unwillingness to let vengefulness cloud his judgment bought him the loyalty and support of lawbreakers and lawmen alike, while his business acumen and great foresight helped him to forge the life he always wanted for himself. And, like Corleone, he stayed loyal and devoted to his family, especially his wife and partner of many years, thus becoming the revered patriarch to a large number of people and an inspirational figure to all.

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Pooja Lamba Cheema

Pooja Lamba Chema is a published author of four motivational and inspirational books and this is her first biography. She is a practicing psychologist who is keenly interested in the many facets of human nature and compassion is the driving force in her life. She has been an avid Vipassana meditator for many years and credits it for the many life-altering truths that have been revealed to her through it. She is a proud and doting mother to two children: a son who is an Officer in the Indian Army and a daughter who is pursuing a Liberal Arts programme. In her spare time, Pooja enjoys gardening, her dogs, reading, and Interior Design and is also a confessed Netflix addict.



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