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Live In Peace While They R.I.P Grow Beyond Your Grief

Author Name: Rakhi Kapoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Sooner or later, all of us have to lose a loved one. Each one of us has this one larger-than-life- person in our life. This person is special and vital to our life source. It could be a parent, a lover, a spouse, a friend, a mentor, a family member or a pet. After the demise of this iconic person, we are shattered. Immense grief takes over. The pain makes it near impossible to move ahead in life. Everybody deals with the aftermath of losing a loved one some time in their life. 

This book is an attempt to help prepare, ease the pain and cope with an irreplaceable loss. Embark on a journey in search of peace. Find freedom from the pain of losing the one person who means the world to you. Convert the grief into a realization that he or she will always be around. They will find a place to stay within you and become an inseparable part of you.

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Rakhi Kapoor

Rakhi Kapoor is a Bengali by birth, residing in Chennai, India. She is a physical therapist. She has been running her own antenatal center called Dwi Maternity Studio, specializing in antenatal care for expecting couples for the past two decades. 

Rakhi published her first book in the year 2017 titled The Girl Who Was Left Behind, inspired by her real-life experience. Rakhi has authored several books on various subjects like pregnancy, breakups, Indian mythology and marriage both in the fiction and non-fiction category.