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Living Through Self Compassion - Illuminate Your Life With Peace, Trust & Faith Unshackle Yourself From Quiet Desperation, Depression & Destruction

Author Name: Rohit Bassi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

"Have you given up on yourself, peace, trust or faith?" I had. I had been living a life of quiet desperation, depression, and destruction. Due to my self sabotaging ways my marriage had ended. Many times, my reputation as a successful writer and speaker felt like a lie. I had succumbed to self-destructive behaviour until I found and applied the antidote.

I write this book, dear reader, to serve another who is feeling as I felt. This book is an offering with my love and absolute sincere compassion. I know how deeply it can hurt and how liberating (and beautiful) it can feel when you can heal yourself and serve others. This is not a book about what you should do. It is a book about loving your own life, being authentic and joyful. It is about moving from surviving towards 'striving and thriving'.

Compassion truly is the antidote to depression, desperation and destruction.

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Rohit Bassi

The truth, everyone loves success. Individuals, business owners, executives and thoughts leaders, sales and marketing, technology and HR teams and many more turn to Rohit. He assists them to accelerate their presentation, influencing and leadership skills. 

You deserve to interact with someone who accepts local, regional and global hearts, mindsets and cultures. Develop your leadership executive presence to win the hearts and minds of people authentically.

Rohit Bassi is more than a part of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®. He is also a global conference speaker, TEDx speaker, premium trainer and coach. Rohit has 25+ years of experience, has spoken in over 21+ countries. Did he always have these skills, the confidence to be part of a best-selling book (Success Mastery with Jack Canfield), speak on a TEDx stage and be a global conference speaker?

Well, not really. Certain life-changing events led Rohit to massively improving his success skills, such as higher emotional wisdom, listening, critical thinking and speaking. Through his talks, people develop a greater sense of executive presence. This leads them to their own unique formula of success mastery—thus advancing in their careers, businesses, relationships and lives.





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