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Lost Joys of Childhood

by Karnika Sen

Format: Paperback

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‘How many times have I told the sun to take care of himself God only knows. I told him, Look here old boy; you are atleast trillion years old. You are no longer the young sun who used to laugh at the smoking earth and play with the stars of distant galaxy.’

‘Have you seen the sun when he was young? My dear cow, then how old are you?’

Why is the sun so anxious about his favorite child, the earth?

The law of the Fairyland forbids a fairy to touch a human being. A fairy breaks that law but she isn’t punished. Why?

Karnika Sen is a housewife but writing is her hobby. She has written articles about Sri Sri Ma Sarada, Sister Nivedita, Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda in Nibodhata, Rashik bhita Barta and Udbodhan Patrka- magazines published by Sarada Math and Ramakrishna Mission. She has also written a sequel to Tagore’s famous novel, ‘Sesher Kabita’, (The Last Poem). She loves children and hopes that they will not lose all the joys of childhood forever. She dedicates her book, ‘Lost Joys of Childhood to all the children in this world.'



Lost Joys of Childhood





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