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Matters of the Heart Keeping the faith

by Ratna Magotra

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The heart is a living organ bestowed with romantic, spiritual, and indeed a vital mystique through the ages. Speaking medically, it is an intricately designed pump that beats ceaselessly through the entire life time of an individual.

Heart surgery started in early twentieth century and progressed by leaps and bounds once the heart-lung machine became available facilitating open heart operations on a large scale.

The practice of medicine is for basic good of mankind, no matter where and how it is rendered. The men and women working in the field of cardiac medicine and surgery have brought the latest skills to the suffering patients everywhere. In the process, we unconsciously wear a mask of technical competence and efficiency and get far removed from the social and emotional milieu of the patients. This book is an attempt to remove this mask and look beyond bringing a unique Indian perspective.

In this book, which shares the personal courage and faith that people display in overcoming difficult moments of life, the author hopes that her readers will find a resonance of their personal tribulations and triumphs even beyond illness and surgery.



Matters of the Heart





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