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Milkman to Millionaire Biography of Sardar Jodh Singh, a Legendary Entrepreneur

Author Name: Dr. Arvind Yadav | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Biography of Sardar Jodh Singh

Sardar Jodh Singh - A Life of Courage and Fortitude

Sardar Jodh Singh’s inspirational story is filled with unexpected highs and lows. His larger-than-life quest for success makes him a role model for every middle-class citizen. Armed with nothing but grit and determination, the man managed to fight against adversity and emerge as a winner repeatedly. Throughout his journey, the only constant was his love, affection and devotion with regard to his family.

Having lost his mother at a young age, Sardar Jodh Singh was no stranger to sorrow and hardship. He put his nose to the grindstone very early in life, understanding that the whims and vagaries of fate spare no one. Despite his fortitude, fate was unkind to him repeatedly. The family lost everything due to the blood-soaked event of the Partition. They were uprooted from their ancestral lands and lost contact with the men and women they had grown up around and spent years with. The brutal consequences of the geographical bifurcation of the country had wide-ranging effects on the lives of ordinary people like Jodh Singh. 

Not one to be deterred so easily, Jodh started life from scratch in newly-formed India. He slowly put together everything that his family needed- a roof over their heads, a source of income and social capital. He began the business of cattle trade and dairy products with just one coincidental deal but expanded until he had a monopoly in the field. He earned fame and trust as a businessman, all through his ethical practices and hard work. Later, he mastered many other fields such as transportation, the fodder business and even education. In his last few years, his philanthropic work led to his name becoming synonymous with benevolence and righteousness.

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Dr. Arvind Yadav

Arvind Yadav is a journalist with twenty-three long years of experience in the field.  As a journalist, he has witnessed a lot and has transformed his experience into a tremendous body of writing as well as speeches. His fight against falsity, injustice, and corruption goes on through his writing. His determination to work for the marginalized in society has earned him a unique reputation in the world of journalism. For the last two or three years, he has mostly been focused on writing about and documenting the attempts of those men and women who dreamed of bringing about a constructive revolution in society.

Unearthing the various facets of the lives of successful people and ensuring that the larger public is made aware of these remarkable lives has become Dr. Yadav’s utmost priority.  He is actively contributing towards the availability of this knowledge of the productive work being done in society and the nation.

He is also a littérateur and has produced a number of literary texts, including stories. He holds a keen interest in literary criticism. In fact, he is an enthusiastic propagator of the oral tradition of Hindi criticism.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Dr. Yadav received all his education in the city. He has studied Science, Psychology and Law. He has intricate knowledge of politics and culture in South India. He has sojourned through many villages and cities, in the search for news and stories. His quest and journeys are not likely to halt any time soon.

Having already established himself as a renowned journalist, he is now also earning fame as a storyteller and a biographer.