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Minni's universe Cruising through the crush

Author Name: Manogna Chaudhary | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Minni is a teenage girl with high achiever, rich and busy absent parents. In her pursuit of love and belonging, she couldn’t find true love she was looking for, as they say you have to kiss a few frogs to get to the prince charming. How many frogs did she have to kiss, to get to her prince, forms premise of the series Minni’s Universe.

This story is set in the 90s. High school love story of Minni and Pavan. She was the rebel, early equalitarian and progressive girl, in a misogynistic, patriarchal, small town society, where interacting with opposite gender was forbidden. She falls for a boy who is from a conservative family. He is an introvert, arrogant, egoistic and timid. He fell for her before she did. These 2 stark opposites fall head over heels for each other. They become talk of the town with rumours and scandals all over the place. Raging hormones and their little teenage adventures will take you on a roll-a-coaster ride through their love story. Buckle your seats and embark on the ride.

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Manogna Chaudhary

I'm Manogna Chaudhary a Psychologist & Author. I understand people in my best capacity, as a Psychologist, their strengths, weaknesses, abilities and ineptness. Modern women & men are excelling at career, but failing in relationships. Did you ever wonder why?! We travelling to moon and back but failing to make and sustain in meaningful relationships. 

In this series Minni's Universe our female lead Minni is a hopeless romantic. Most of modern women can relate to her. I'm presenting a woman's heart's journey. Her journey in love from 90s to the modern day. 

They say I read people like a book, so here, wrote a book about relationships from 90s, progressing to modern day, in series to follow in Minni's universe.