Mother's Recipes A Manual for Indian Daughters

by Rachel Chacko


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Mother's Recipes is by Rachel Chacko, a 90 year old Indian mother and grandmother whose love for family is expressed through this unique collection of Indian recipes. These recipes have been tested and appreciated across generations of Indians. As the wife of an army officer, Rachel Chacko had the opportunity to travel across India and discover a wide variety of regional cuisines. Many Indian regional recipes were traditionally handed down from mother to daughter with few attempts made to document them. Mother's Recipes is an attempt to document such recipes. The collection includes many rare as well as popular recipes for starters, snacks, main courses, wines, pickles and desserts from communities and regions across India. Rachel Chacko provides useful background information on spices and seasonings as well as authentic and detailed preparation techniques. She has taken special care to present the recipes to today's daughters in an easy to prepare manner, given the modern day pressure on time. The book is also unique because it contains classic recipes from the Syrian Christian community in India - to which Rachel Chacko belongs - like Appam, Egg Roast and Green Gram Payasam which have tickled taste buds across India.

About the Author

Rachel Chacko was born in 1924, in Thiruvananthapuram in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore. She did her Bachelor of Arts from Women’s Christian College and Bachelor of Training from St Christopher’s College in Madras. As a school teacher, in a career spanning over four decades, she has taught in schools in different parts of the country. Her lifelong passion for cooking has made her collect recipes from across India. This book contains a collection of her favorite recipes. As an experienced teacher, she has presented these recipes to the reader in a lucid and detailed manner.

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