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Musings of a Free Mind

by V. V. Rampal

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

In the present technology-oriented environment, expectations, material achievements and desire for comforts has made life move away from human values and social concern. This book tries to strike a balance between the scientific way of life and the ethical aspects that need to counter the negative tendencies. It further emphasizes through thoughts expressed mostly in dialogue and story form, the need to humanize life in the mad rush of materialism. The ideas are without any bias for, or against, any established view of life.


Dr Rampal has worked in science for over thirty years and has a deep interest in the spiritual side of life. For over two decades, he has been writing on the need to spiritualise and balance out the negative tendencies that affect our lives adversely. The present tendencies to ignore such aspects in life make him reassert this in book after book. A Stream of Thoughts is his latest effort in that direction. He believes in humanism, and in his writings, emphasises the need for it in the present way of life.



Musings of a Free Mind





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