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My habits,my recipes... A nagging letter of 172 pages to my son...

Author Name: DHAASSYAM GEETHA BHASCKER | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

..a delectable spread that tempts your eyes aroma that urges a u-turn

..taste buds that begin to drool

..the ears that listen to a recipe

..the feel of a crispy wada or a spongy idli.. 

Sure the five sense is at war with your mind that struggles to control the urge to binge or even eat!  

A mind that decides to diet. A mind visualising a svelte figure. 

Does this one life deserve to deal with this situation? Isn’t life made to devote time for better impressions to leave behind? 

Definitely one can eat heartily and live healthily too without depriving oneself of all that the world has to offer.  Today eating has interfered with the three ‘A’s AVAILABILITY, ACCESSIBILITY AND AFFORDABILITY!

The author believes in eating what her forefathers ate. She was a victim of obesity and explains on how she maintained eating three meals a day and how she coped to cut down the fat but not the menus she enjoyed. Her suggestions to her son, an actor and a film-maker, with tips on easy and tasteful cooking, are worth a reference towards an example of a healthy life she lives today. 

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The three meal a day!

The best or rather a simple route towards a healthy life that she followed, may be because she had no other choices nor options. Likewise, each one’s experience could be different, she agrees. This book contains the traditional methods of well-being followed by her ancestors that she wishes to share primarily, with her son. To her son, she says who belongs to today’s world with a plethora of options to choose a diet he fancies. She says that even she was ridiculed during her growing years for being fat. She expresses her gratitude to those who constantly bullied her son too on his obesity and eating habits that made him conscious of what and how he eats.  She's also thankful to her son’s habit of falling in and falling out of several diets to lose weight, that instigated her to pen down the recipes. And of course, not the least she is grateful to her grandfather and others who’ve helped her in compiling these pages of her practises in maintaining a wholesome diet. A diet close to her  tradition. A diet more familiar and standard while alien recipes and gourmet remain as only guests of fantasy to her taste buds.