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MY MIND RACES Poems that Speak a language - Positive, Constructive Communication for ADHD

Author Name: Esther Goldberg, Keren Zagury-Cohen | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

My Mind Races is sophisticated in its simplicity. It features poems that are a language: the shared language between children having abundance of attention and energy (ADHD) and the adults in their lives. This new language will enable you, the adults, to connect with the world of your children to create an open dialogue, a new and intimate form of communication, and engender positive change in their lives.

Shared images, which are the basis of this unique language, take shape and come to life in the masterful illustrations of Israel’s renowned illustrator, Danny Kerman. Brilliant sensitive, poems accompany these ingenious images and lend concrete delightful expression. These enable adults to speak with children about their experience in a way that is positive, constructive, open, and enjoyable. The book encourages a humorous, criticism-free attitude towards those with abundance of attention and energy in all its forms: from each child’s unique points of strength to their “goof ups”. The therapeutic principle is based on parents enabling children to understand themselves or, in the language of the book, “becoming an expert on themselves”.

Translated from Hebrew, this book includes detailed guidelines for parents, teachers, and therapists: illustrated poems to read with the children; a  clever diagnostic colour code, and an adjustment profile that can be repeatedly used. It is a powerful tool that enables one to precisely understand, reflect, and discuss emotional feelings and help children to effectively identify, control and explain themselves, as they grow and connect with their many strengths.

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Esther Goldberg, Keren Zagury-Cohen

Esther Goldberg is considered an “institution” in the field of diagnosing and treating ADHD. She is a clinical and educational psychologist with over 45 years of experience, who has developed a unique, groundbreaking and revolutionary approach for treating children with abundance of attention and energy by offering guidance to their parents. For the first time, this approach is emerging from Goldberg’s treatment room to enrich all those involved in the field. 

Her new comprehensive text book Talking ADHD ( a translation from Hebrew of her original work ADHD—To Understand and Be Understood in Hebrew ) was recently published on

Keren Zagury-Cohen participated  in one of Esther’ workshops. She is a proud mother of 2 daughters, one of whom has been diagnosed with ADHD. Keren is a social worker by training, HR professional, playback theater actress, and creative writer.