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Mystery of her silence

by Onkar Nath

Format: Paperback

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When Kushy reached Rambhadra Pur, what awaited him was the tragedy of which he became the second victim and the first sympathizer. It was Kushy's virtuous determination and Gudia’s mystery that inspired Kushy to challenge the rural norms and end Gudia’s non-spoken fight.

What Kushy achieved remained a known mystery!

Onkar is a marketing communication professional, who has his interest in learning anything new and obviously in brand marketing. He accidently came to Delhi University and managed to become a History graduate, flowing with the trend without applying much needed contemplation earned himself an MBA in marketing from Icfai Business School, Gurgaon. Studies have been his secondary source of education and he learnt most of his positives from debating, discussions, reading non-academic books, researching for professional presentations and from the guidance of few inspirational people he has met till now. Mystery of her silence is his debut novel.



Mystery of her silence





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