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Mystic Road Warrior

Author Name: Medha Narwani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

 ‘The unborn, the eternal, the indestructible, that which is beyond the material never dies.’

In a journey of transcendence, a young seeker’s quest to experience the ultimate truth leads him into the spiritual heart of India where he encounters realized sages with superpowers and universal knowledge.

During World War I, Lawrence Helix, an aristocratic Englishman, is called into service as a RAF pilot and squadron leader. In an aerial dogfight over Germany, he is, miraculously, the sole survivor. The mystical intervention that saves Lawrence’s life upends his privileged existence by forcing him to finally confront age-old questions of consciousness, reality, and the infinite, which have hounded him since his parents’ untimely deaths. 

Seized with spiritual restlessness, Lawrence travels extensively in India—to crowded holy sites, drought-stricken cities, and the glacial Himalayas. The more deeply he penetrates the spiritual fold—populated by 400-year-old Yogis with mind-bending powers of immortality, levitation, clairvoyance, and other fantastic superpowers common to true Yogis—the more Lawrence is intellectually, emotionally, and physically challenged. To attain spiritual mastery himself, he must renounce all material pursuits and attachments to people, particularly his fiancée pulling him back home. Reaching a spiritual breaking point, Lawrence finally returns to a realized master whose watchful guidance throughout has been testing him and preparing him for the ultimate journey within. 

Based on Vedanta and the path of Jnana yoga, Mystic Road Warrior, a compelling tale of inner evolution and a higher state of being, confronts the question of realization: Is it restricted to yogis in remote Himalayan caves or a reality within reach of all seekers, everywhere? 

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Medha Narwani

Medha Narwani is an ex-economist from the banking and finance sector in London who was pulled to the metaphysical and spiritual world long before she understood what it meant. As a seeker on a decade-long path of soul-searching, she spent time in ashrams, monasteries, and off-beaten tracks, learning from yogis, monks and masters. The more she saw and experienced, the more she believed that the spiritual world was beyond what met the material eye. She has studied Vedanta, yoga and mindfulness, and has been particularly trained in Jnana yoga by a humble master.



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