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Never Back Down

Author Name: Shankar Ghosh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

“Never Back Down” is not only the title of an intensely personal journal, it is a phrase that has defined Shankar’s life for all of nearly seven decades. Trials and tribulations have challenged him at almost every turn, but that has not, in any way and ever, deflected him. The book charts out his journey from the chilly winter of his birth in a charity hospital in London, through a very troubled childhood, all the way to becoming one of the most respected cryogenic specialists in the country, literally working at temperatures that range from -271°C with liquid helium vessels to 1,700°C hanging above rivers of molten steel. 

In many ways, Shankar’s life has mirrored the epic transformation that has been the story of India. The pangs of a country finding its feet in an unforgiving world, the willingness to sacrifice its today for a glorious tomorrow and most importantly, never lose sight of its destiny. That is India, and that is Shankar. This journal is as honest an attempt to capture his journey, as could be. 

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Shankar Ghosh

Having been through a turbulent childhood and youth, Shankar Ghosh has never, ever, given up on his dreams, however difficult the circumstances may have been. From his first surgery within days of his birth, to a childhood and youth that was full of roadblocks, life has never been easy. 

Even after graduating as a Chemical Engineer, not for him was the steady road in a corporate world. His destiny lay in reaching out for his dream – the Indian space mission, not as an employee but as its partner. Along with his partner and brother from another mother, Munjal Mehta, their vehicle – Shell-N-Tube has traversed a path that is the dream of many a first generation entrepreneur.

If that was not enough, Shankar is also extremely passionate about wildlife and portrait photography. His skill in both these fields has earned him numerous accolades, not to speak of the admiration of those in close touch with him – his friends, relatives and colleagues.



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