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NISM Exam Preparation Guide for NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Exam Practice Test & Mock Test Mastering the NISM Exams with 800+ Question Bank & Additional Question Bank for High Weightage Chapters 3 & 4

Author Name: P. Anshu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The NISM Exam Preparation Guide for NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Exam Practice Test & Mock Test  series is designed to help learners in understanding the vital concepts prior to their final exam. This guide aims to test and foster a comprehensive understanding of diverse derivative products available in equity derivatives markets,  It also incorporates test questions on competencies related to comprehending the financial structure in India and emphasizes the significance of rules and regulations governing the Indian securities market, particularly those pertaining to the equity derivatives segment as per test objectives outlined by NISM.

Within the pages of this book, readers will find comprehensive 600+ (for eBook) & 800+ (Printed Book) question bank, as 

A.     Evaluation Questions  25 Questions

B.      Chapter Wise Practice Test 50 Questions

C.      Mock Tests (Learning Outcome & Test Objective Wise) 400 Questions

D.     High Weightage Chapters Test (For Chapters Introduction to Forwards and Futures & Introduction to Options) 30 Questions

E.      MASTERY ASSESSMENT TEST  300 Questions

Each question comes with a hint  (except astery Assessment Test) for learners to recall the concept, which will help them master each topic, Learning Outcome, & Test Objective.  At end of each test the correct answers along with explanations are given. 

NOTE: Ref Workbook used "NISM Workbook Version: May 2023 edition  available on NISM website. 

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P. Anshu

Anshu, a passionate Six-Sigma Certified corporate trainer, qualified financial planner, driven by an objective to achieve & empower financial inclusion through quality education with a fundamental principle of "Earn living hood by serving". Equipped with over a decades of national & international financial industry experience specialized in area of operation, training & Content development. 

Numerous contributions have been made by him in the field, being associated with world renowned organizations, NGOs, Educational Institute & Consultants. Also serving as visiting Faculty to various financial academic institution & Hon Global Advisor: American Academy of Financial Management® Presidential Board, AAFM® Board of Standards.

He is a passionate traveller, travelled all Indian states & union territories as road trip, covering around 5lkh+ kilometres. His travel story on road begins with a quote "Design rather than default", was the great saying which somehow shaken him since childhood. It’s been told to him that; he was born on road… Yes true! Since the time of birth, he got his graduation as BBA (Born Before Arrival at the hospital). Probably it was the 1st unconditional decision taken by him to come out into this world. The Love for ROAD & Travel is inherited from the creation itself.

It was not well known to all that ROADs would have a major role to play in later stage of his life. Life moved on the way it was supposed to as everyone moves, with imposed conditionings. It’s always been told to him “You cannot always choose how, when and even where?”. But for him Its Journey is the Destination.