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OKKA BOKKA the Spook, the Spice and Cocoa Pondering Still

by Penny

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Pendulchy and her pals wouldn’t stop at anything…they want to explore the ‘world of the unseen’. They walk over fields, knock at various doors and study a number of people.

When a string of mystical, unexplained events occur, they are perturbed.

This is when they realize that the spooks were always there, not screaming, but sighing away in a subtle tone.

Step into the parallel world of spooks…if you may…..

Born in a bustling household, Penny grew up on a ‘diet’ of creativity and imagination in a small town of Northern India. After completing her schooling, she did her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mass Communication from Patna and Delhi respectively. “Pen is Penny’s dearest Pal”, is what she believes in and has contributed a number of stories to various children’s magazines. She has authored a collection of folk tales for children titled ‘Suno Ek Story’ and has worked as a children’s event manager with a leading book store in India. When ‘Penny’s dearest Pal – the pen’ is not working, her ‘Gift of Gab’ takes over and she is seen narrating stories to children. Better known as the ‘Tale Teller’, Penny excels at story telling for kids and is currently pursuing her career in a leading chain of nurseries in the UAE. Penny lives in Abu Dhabi, with her family of two children and a pilot husband.


OKKA BOKKA the Spook, the Spice and Cocoa





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