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Paavithratha The Purity-A Book on Life's Attributes

by A M Nagesh

Format: Paperback

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It has been said that a psychiatrist's mind is like a doctor's handwriting. In my first English book, Parivarthana (the change), I have made a mention about "Shrink". I am of the opinion that a psychiatrist would remain shrunk unless he does not come out from the western ideas and goes nearer to the eastern mysticism. De knotting Kagga (knot) of late Dr. D V Gundappa (a well-known author in Kannada literature) would require patience and knowledge, so also we need patience and knowledge to understand our complex life. Intellectual living does not assist man. Simplicity holds the key to rein on life. The pulse of living is directly proportional to the proper representation of life attributes. After all, life attributes are the subtle connectors of different lives with infinite objects of universe. Though my topics are not fiction, they are meant to provoke our thoughts along religious lines, our bygone philosophy, my own thoughts, my spiritual inventions and practices, the present day society and its psycho-social issues, the cosmic phenomenon, the current political scenarios, the life engineering programs and the works on neuro-spiritual interfaces (mind–matter interface).

The author is a practicing psychiatrist in his hometown, Hassan, Karnataka, India. He has been practicing for the past thirty-two years. He is the author of one English book, two Kannada books and three music albums in Kannada. His enthusiasm in writing did not stop him from bringing out second book in English. He has innumerable concepts, which he would like to send as a message to the masses. This book explains own concepts on psycho-social, environmental, cultural and customs people practice in this country. He has also tried to equate the elements in our society to the physical elements of matter. This shows his elaborative scientific attitude towards life. His wife is Smt. Chaya, and he has two children, Dhanya and Manu – both are doctors by profession.








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