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Paramathma The End makes a Beginning

Author Name: Pradeep Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“ Jack of All, Master of None” – This is surya. Though he is from a typical middle class family ,he is very passionate ,always dreams big and wants to achieve something big in his life.We have heard a saying “Always rich becomes richer”,Surya wants to prove this wrong .

Surya meets his Schoolmate Siri during Blood donation camp in his college. She is a very cute , simple minded girl. Surya loves to call her as a Barbie doll. Very soon they both fall in love and start dating. Surya gets an job offer during the placement drive in his college .Though his dream was to become an entrepreneur ,he listens to his father’s and Siri ‘s advice and then leaves to Pune to start his professional life after completing degree. After few months something very much unexpected happens to him. Devastated with this news he thinks God has been very unfair to him and presumes , that is his end.He feels like getting lost somewhere alone and decides to take up his Dream ride from Kanyakumai to Leh in his new Harley Davidson bike.There he meets up an American girl,Sara.

What is the storm which came in life?Whether that will be the end of his love and dreams?What made him to leave his lady love Siri?Does he fall in love with Sara?What is that strange dream he was getting while travelling?To know all this read the full story.


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Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep kumar is a software engineer by profession who lives in Bangalore.Apart form studies,he is passionate about movies and sports since his school days. Cricket is his favourite game.Recently he shot a short movie”Never Give Up” with his collegues for promoting Digital literacy .He will be travelling to US soon for work.In Today’s young generation the “KANGLISH” culture has been very rampant.Keeping this in eye,he has written the story in two languages in Kannada and English .The story also demands this kind of narration.Probably this is the first of its kind.Short-term relatinships are common in these days,so the Author has tried to create awareness about True love . He always believes “If you chase something long enough,sooner or later you will get it”. He has pressed on cultivating “Never Give Up” attitude when comes to chasing the dreams. He has tried to ignite the young minds through his valuable discussions in this book.