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Pen Prints across the Globe Delve Deeper in to Self…

Author Name: Aalok | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

"Pen Prints Across the Globe", covers 60 articles of his which have appeared in India, South Africa, and Canada. The articles span six genres- Human Behaviors; Training, Development, and Coaching; Propelling Humans beyond their best; Human Habits & Changing them; Relationships; and The Spiritual Human.

The book is pure experiential writing and is in simple language for the reader to grasp, understand, realize, and apply, both, in personal and professional domains. The articles are diverse in nature and yet very close to human lives. The content can be applied in our lives to become humane humans and also to create an environment that we want rather than be governed by an environment created by others for us. Are we perfect humans or defectively perfect humans? Do the man and the woman want the same thing from marriage cum relationship? What is the art of flirting? Why is the man scared to walk alone in this world? Why love eludes humans? How to search for the divinity within your own self? Which is better- Spiritual ecstasy or sensual pleasures? Does recognition come at a cost? What exactly is inner beauty and how that is the need of the hour? What it takes to be a trainer cum coach cum a good facilitator? How to reach wuthering heights from the deep dungeons of human life? What is the genesis of human behaviors? Can we really train human resources? Did you know that we have a brain reticular activating system-the human radar which makes us notice and delete what we wish to? Can we define our life problems and find solutions too? Do you know enough about your own emotional drivers that propel us higher or drag us lower?  If you want to comprehend and get answers to the above questions and much more, do lay your hands on this book to be more balanced and empowered.

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Colonel Aalok Sood, the author, is a well-traveled International Master Trainer, Associate Life and Business Coach, Intuitive and Predictive Sciences Master Practioner, Switch-Words Professional, Management Consultant, Writer and Author, Energy Reader- both Space and Human, Human Behaviour Reader and Transformer, a Culture Change Master, A Spiritual Practitioner, and A Key Note Speaker. He has seen and guided cross-culture organisations in achieving beyond the maximum. Aalok has his strength in taking individuals beyond their ‘Brain and the Mind’.



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