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Physics Practice Book Level-2 Part 5 of 6 NoMoreClass Physics Practice Book

Author Name: Deepak Solanki | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

In this book, you will find practice material for preparing for the IIT Advance/JEE Main/BITSAT. The book is the Fifth in a series of Six. There are more than 2000 questions with detailed solutions in this book dealing with Moving Charges and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Ray Optics, and Optical Instruments.

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Deepak Solanki

The NoMoreClass Team believes in the fact that training must blend with life teachings. While training is to get the best out of academic prospects, Teaching must be compelling l one to extract the best out of life. 

NOMORECLASS is not just about IIT, JEE, or NEET, and any other competitive exams, but it's about imbibing  

The habit! 

A courageous habit to decorate one’s eyes with a dream that not all eyes can afford. It is about recognizing one’s potential and gathering the courage to take the flight to the height of excellence. It’s about the habit of choosing the best instead of managing with mediocre compromises. It is about pushing oneself an extra mile in every wake of life situation. It’s about learning to embrace the failures and gleaning the knowledge to amend the ladder and rise to fame.  It is about developing a skill to handle mistakes. It is about developing faith in oneself and turning arrogant to all the negativities. It is about being stubborn in giving up on your dream!!

It is about relishing and cherishing the journey one makes. 

It's about being fearless!

It is about attitude!!!  

Choosing the best is what we tend to imbibe. 

While NoMoreClass understands training is requisite, it also cares for the invaluable smile of its little dreamer. It turns in retrospect into a beautiful quote 

“Education is for liberation, but not for binding the learners” 

in our modus operandi. It firmly believes a calm and relaxed mind performs the best. A vulnerable raw brain must be attended to with delicate care.



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