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Physiological Basis of Sports and Exercise Sciences

Author Name: Dr. Anupam Bandyopadhyay | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

The book “Physiological Basis of Sports and Exercise Sciences” emphasises the current and updated research in this field primarily based on the last two decades. 

To provide updated information for readers the author has used current reviews of NCBI, NIH, ILO, WHO, FAO, NIN etc. and many other reviews and articles published in different reputed journals and publishing organisations like Springers, Willey, Elsiver, ResearchGate etc. 

This book is unique in the sense that a reader can get updated information on selected important chapters in lucid English to understand each topic of the book. 

To make each topic of this book interesting author provides a huge number of figures and images. This book is printed in black/white version to minimise the MRP of the book, so that anyone, especially the students and faculty of under developing and developing countries, can afford this book. The author is optimistic about this book

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Dr. Anupam Bandyopadhyay

The Author has been serving for more than twenty-seven years as a teacher in one of the oldest colleges in India. 

He taught Human Physiology as a basic science and Sports and Exercise Physiology as an applied science at Serampore College under the University of Calcutta, India. 

He is a faculty member and member of the Board of Studies in Sports Science, introduced by Calcutta University as a new branch at the postgraduate level. 

He has published more than twenty-five research articles in different national and international scientific journals and is associated with research work. He completed his Master's degree with a specialization in Sports and Exercise Physiology from Calcutta University. 

Calcutta University awarded him a doctoral degree in the year 1994. He published more than fourteen textbooks from School to college levels in the last fifteen years. 

The Author joined different national and international symposia and seminars to deliver scientific talks about his research activities. He is a passionate traveller and loves to interact with people at any level. The author is optimistic about this book.   



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