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Prarthana The Prayers–A Book on Munduka and on Open Meditation

by A M Nagesh

Format: Paperback

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Discussions about the Upanishath without understanding its essence are irrelevant; in such a situation, it is better to avoid talking on this subject. Upanishath is a vast subject. I chose a topic in Upanishath that suits a psychiatrist well. Being a psychiatrist, I always raise my voice against the sinister plans of certain Janthar Manthar's, who have sowed the seeds of evil in the minds of innocent people in our society, in managing psychiatric disorders. The mental disorders have been viewed from ages as not diseases but as possessive disorders. Hence, cure would be from God's powers to the inhuman sorcery and black magic. Munduka Upanishathis one chapter in the Upanishath; in its description, I found no such powers like obeisance, obedience and obligation in the form of Yagna. It says burning Ajnana alone offers Jnana. Ancient teaching is to meditate with closed eyes. I have observed no logic in this. Meditating with closed eyes is Jada Samadhi; doing the same with open eyes is Samadhi. I tried Open Meditation in my practice and I found it to be practical.

The author for his "never say die" attitude brought this book after two English books. He is presently a consulting psychiatrist at his hometown, Hassan. He has thirty-two years of psychiatric experience and lots of passion to write. He has already released two Kannada books and three music albums of his own lyrics. He is a sports enthusiast as well. His interest in the Upanishath, especially Munduka Upanishath, and its explanation in his own way is an eye-opener. Some of his narrations as questions and answers are interesting. He is married to Smt. Chaya and has two children, Manu and Dhanya.








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