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Profit Leadership Creating Lasting Value for Enterprises

Author Name: NC Narayanan, Naveen Narayanan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Profit Leadership is a groundbreaking business guide that unveils the secrets to achieving sustainable profitability in today's competitive market. Drawing on extensive research and real-world examples, this book provides actionable strategies and insights for leaders to optimize their business operations, maximize revenue growth, and drive long-term success. The book is a must-read for entrepreneurs and executives seeking to navigate the complexities of profit generation and become industry frontrunners.

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NC Narayanan, Naveen Narayanan

 NC Narayanan, fondly known as ‘NC’, founded SSA Group, a global management consulting company headquartered in India, in the year 1999 with a personal mission to help Indian industries become world-class, a goal he had passionately pursued throughout his career spanning more than five decades. He travelled across the globe sharing his experiences in various forums. As a CEO, coach and mentor for leadership teams, NC made significant contributions to hundreds of industries and thousands of individuals across Asia, Middle East, and Africa where he earned the reputation of a ‘Transformation Catalyst’. He was a voracious reader and has authored many books. The most popular one is ‘Pragmatic Leadership’ originally published by McGraw Hill Education which was well received for its contribution to the field of Human Development. Apart from self-development topics, NC authored many management topics such as “ENIGMA OF LEAN”, “SIX SIGMA IN A NUTSHEL” and “STATISTICAL GUIDE”. 

Naveen Narayanan is a highly accomplished management consultant specializing in Strategy Execution, Lean Transformation, Supply Chain Excellence, and Change Management. With a career spanning nearly two decades, Naveen has established himself as a trusted advisor to numerous organizations across the globe. His expertise and insights have proven instrumental in achieving operational excellence for his clients. Naveen has led several corporate-wide transformation programs, mentored change agents, and produced sustainable business results for clients throughout Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. His ability to identify strategic opportunities, optimize business processes, and implement effective change management practices has consistently delivered outstanding results for his clients, leading to improved performance, profitability, and customer satisfaction.



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