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Radiotherapy Cancer therapy

Author Name: Atheena Milagi Pandian | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details


Higher dose
Proton therapy is suitable for tumors that need higher radiation doses.

In some cases, the ability to provide higher doses has provided better outcomes for individuals than with conventional radiotherapy.

It has been successful in treating:

unresectable sarcomas
tumors in the eye
tumors alongside the spinal column
Fewer side effects
Proton therapy carries a lower risk of undesirable side effects as it limits the damage to normal, healthy tissue. This is true even if the dose is the same as in conventional therapy.

This could be useful for treating prostate cancer and cancers that affect the prostate, the spine, the head, and the neck.

Proton therapy is useful for treating childhood cancer trusted Source because it can target the cancer cells without damaging other cells in a growing body. Children who receive traditional radiation treatment have a higher risk of stunted growth.

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