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Rekha Dares to Dream Again A Journey of Togetherness

Author Name: Akhauri Mritunjay Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Most of us love to be in control of our lives and plan our futures. We keep imagining how to spend time, money and love on our family and friends to make the most out of our lives. We even plan every single day, maybe from the time we wake up until we fall asleep, to make our journey a perfect one. But time often turns things upside down even before we realize and steers the wheel of life towards an utter predicament. In such situations, even having plenty of experience turns futile. Every phase, every challenge and every new beginning comes with a responsibility hidden in it. Regardless of age, responsibilities never cease until one’s death. They are the hidden shadows of our hearts, pushing us to our limits, giving us the reason to survive for those we love, even in the darkest of places.

We confine thousands of stories in our hearts. Often they shape us. But the most painful stories are those in which you have to see the ones you love wilt before your eyes despite the infinite efforts you make to help them get through.

Rekha Sinha is a cancer patient with three courageous daughters and her loving husband Kumar as her backbone. Her sons-in-law provide every imaginable help possible during her treatment. Despite everything she goes through, will she be able to beat the disease with her indominable spirit and live on to fulfil the dreams of her sunset years?

Will Kumar hold on to his responsibilities: 

As a son and never let his parents down? 

As a husband, by loving his dear wife, supporting and serving her when she needs him the most? 

As a father making efforts to push himself even when he gets stuck, trying to persist throughout with no complaints and demands, for his daughters?

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Akhauri Mritunjay Kumar

Akhauri Mritunjay Kumar was born in Arrah, Bihar, in a joint family. Growing up, he found solace in journaling his actions and encounters each day, and he always loved exploring places, interacting with people and experiencing varied cultures. After graduation, he worked in Bokaro Steel Plant under the Quality Control Laboratory, where he met his friends who became family eventually. Later, he got married to Rekha Sinha and is the proud father of three beautiful daughters, whom he considers his life’s assets. He has been a responsible son, husband and father. Being punctual, fulfilling every responsibility and being kind are his traits. He believes spreading love and empathy gives purpose to his life. He also feels that responsibilities and duties that human beings bear towards others never end.

Witness his journey full of challenges and love, where he draws his experiences of chaos, depression, laughter and love building a home within him, finding a reason to live again.