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Revelations Glimpses of the Unexpected

by Baishali Bose

Format: Paperback

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Zoe Brown has been leading a life of charm and happiness with her beloved aunt, Liv. But right after her eighteenth birthday, she is warned by a fortune teller that something bad awaits her and then on Christmas Eve, she gets cursed by Liv’s colleague. Following which, things begin to change gradually as the two ladies experience unfortunate incidents that had never happened before. But, what they are unaware of are the revelations that are embedded within these incidents, powerful enough to soon change their lives forever, beyond recognition.

Baishali Bose is a third year Mechanical Engineering student, living in West Bengal, India. Born in West Bengal but brought up in Maharastra, she has always been a lover of books and cats. She aspires to become an Aerospace Engineer. ‘Revelations’ being her debut in the writing world, she has been eagerly waiting to witness the reactions of the world as an audience to her crafted words.








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