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Right Writer, Wrong Traits. A Graphologist's Dilemma

Author Name: Varun L. Rupani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details
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When your mother asked you to neaten up your handwriting, she wasn’t kidding. For, the way you write has a direct impact on the way your personality shapes up. Similarly, the way your letters curl on paper, the pressure you apply while writing, the sharpness of your strokes and other aspects of your handwriting provide a good indication of your current state of mind.

Clues to your character are everywhere. From your choice of phone apps to your internet’s browsing history. But an aspect that reveals the deepest hidden traits of your personality is your handwriting.

Each person on this earth is unique and a complicated mixture of both good and bad, which has been formed by his or her actions, mistakes, wishes, beliefs, ideals, etc.

To say that a person is either completely good or completely bad would be naive.

It is also important to realize when thinking about this question, one must understand that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are loose terms that mean different things to every different person. So if a person did something that was perceived by you to be ‘good’, there is still the chance that another person might find that action ‘bad’ in accordance to his or her ideals and life philosophy.

The good news is that graphology does not just reveal an individual’s hidden traits; it can also be used to modify and improve his or her personality if that individual genuinely wishes to, by using graphotherapy.

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Varun L. Rupani

Varun L. Rupani has been a practising graphologist for the past several years and has conducted numerous courses in India, especially in Mumbai, for his individual and corporate clients. His list of clients includes Psychologists, HR Professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, Actors and many more. Additionally, Varun L. Rupani has proved himself successful in the field of Face Reading, Numerology and Statement Analysis.

Being a two times Gold Medallist and having achieved a Proficiency Certification in his College life, he has also achieved abundant knowledge in the field of Advertising and Marketing.

His articles on Graphology and Face Reading have been featured in the leading newspapers of India, and he has also been on the leading radio channels of India (Mumbai) sharing his knowledge on Face Reading. He is also an Associate Member at ACFE—Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Varun L. Rupani’s Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting is well known in India, especially in Mumbai, for Basic, Advanced & Expert Graphology Levels. He, along with other graphologists, continues his work on all the above subjects and is presently conducting graphology training sessions for new individual and corporate clients in Mumbai and other cities of India.



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