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Rizan A novel

by rameez gilani

Format: Paperback

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Love, drama, politics and truth come alive in their various hues in this story of a young man who tackles life’s roller coaster journey with determination and conviction, led by the power of his dreams.

The tale chronicles a young boy’s journey into adulthood as he tries to make the distant adversary planets come in line, destroys his rivals, overcomes falsehood, and finally wins his love.

This is the narrative of a young man who is on an adventure to find the truth. Experience his intense struggle through endless endeavours and contradictions and perhaps even find your own truth.

Rameez Gilani is a 23-year-old aspiring writer from Kashmir who currently lives in Bangalore. An electronics and communication graduate, Gilani has a vivid imagination and expression aimed at inspiring people. The author is a staunch believer in the freedom of expression and wants to connect to the world through his writing.








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