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RUSSIAN THEORY IS A FANCY A Compendium: Netaji’s Death Controversy

Author Name: Sumeru | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details


A handbook for those looking for documented facts on Netaji’s Death Controversy.

·        Read Samar Guha’s letter to Comrade Gorbachev

·        What happened to Purabi Roy’s findings presented to Mukherjee Commission

·        Subramanium Swamy and Gagandeep Bakshi’s claim

·        Satyanarayan Sinha, SM Goswami, Chitta Basu and Koleshnikov

·        Morarji Desai and Lal Bahadur Shastry’s views

·        The CIA Reports

·        The supposed radio broadcasts by Netaji 

·         Myths and misinformations

·        Know what came out from the declassified Netaji files


The compilation includes claims by notable people on Netaji escaping to Soviet Russia and reaching his mortal end in that country. Copies of original letters and documents from declassified Government files have been placed side by side with the articles to help readers know the facts and question the claims made by conspiracy theorists. The documents attached should be a first-time visit by most of the readers.

Possession of this book will act as a ready reckoner and reference document for discussions to negate the Russian theory.



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Sumeru Roy Chaudhury

From his childhood days Sumeru had been a fan and admirer of Netaji. What disturbed him throughout was Netaji’s ‘disappearance’ just when he was about to see the fulfilment of his life’s mission. The people were faced with two rumours on the subject. One, the prevalent one, that of Netaji’s escape to Soviet Russia and getting liquidated by the communist regime: which Nehru knew about; and the other of Netaji turning into a recluse and living in India for thirty years before dying unsung.

Armed with his thirty-three years of experience in dealing with Central Government files and functioning at a higher Administrative Grade for several years before superannuation, Sumeru made an in-depth study of the Government files on Netaji declassified in the past two decades, to reach the truth. With his analytical approach of an architect, graduated from IIT, Kharagpur and study abroad, he has found out and serialised the flaws inherent in both the rumours on Netaji’s death.

This book serialises the ‘Russian theory’ and the next would be the ‘monk theory’.