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Serendipity of Soldiering

Author Name: BADAL VERMA | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Soldiering is a timeless idea and Serendipity takes us through the process that differentiates us from ourselves and where the training and touch of nature transform boys from city streets into men, Men of Honour. It peeps into a sacred zone of soldiering which is a space of pure action and where the power of mind plays the dangerous games. This is the celebration of unsung soldiers who are the best, the brightest, and famous in the heart of soldiering, but not successful. The book puts the spotlight on the emotions of soldiers, their family, relationships, and idiosyncratic experiences and how they figure out the method in the madness of life. Serendipity of Soldiering unveils an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all those who can experience it. The book contains the secret in every aspect of our lives – adventurism, happiness, health, mistakes, nature, relationships, and every interaction that we have in the world. We begin to understand the hidden, untapped power that is within us, and this perspective can bring joy to every facet of our life. If you wish to ignite the dormant spark in your heart and fuel your dreams, this book is just for you. This is the Wisdom and Serendipity of Soldiering.

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An alumnus of the National Defence Academy and proud Infantry Officer, Colonel Badal Verma is a happy man. He has vast firsthand ground experience in the counterinsurgency and anti-militancy operations both in the Kashmir Valley as well as the North East, where he had several trysts with death, the constant companion of a soldier! The Indian Army gave him the opportunity to scale the entire length and breadth of India, including the virgin lands of the North-East, where he served for over 10 years and met some of the finest people. The insights that he developed as a uniformed soldier not only helped him in negotiating some slippery grounds of his second career in civvies gracefully but also in developing a holistic perspective towards life. His fondness for the randomness of the pandemonium of life enthralled him to adorn a permanently positive bias in living and belief in it even when life was not very kind to him. There is no part of him that can be put under a label. He really doesn’t fit into a box – Colonel Badal Verma is as fearless, unhindered, and free as his namesake in the sky!



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