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Serene Wellness Daily Practise in 7 Areas

Author Name: Healer Naseem Mariam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details


As Mankind moved from Industrial Age to Information Age, a host of gadgets became essential to our daily life. We worked longer hours to make more money. Our focus was on financial wealth above all else. In recent years, we have started to realize that we have lost many important items like health, leisure, relationships and spiritual connectivity. Now as we enter the Health & Wellness Age we feel “something” is missing: what is it and where are the missing pieces? How do we get THAT balance back in our lives which is crucial to our current well-being, our serenity and our long-term wellness?

Naseem Mariam, with over three decades of working, counseling and healing, shares with You 7 Areas you could work on, a quick quiz, and tools to move towards beautiful symphony and balance in the 7 areas. Everyone’s priorities, economic and life situation is unique so take the Serene Wellness Quotient (SWQ) Quiz to evaluate your current status with respect to the 7 Areas.

Allow this book to guide YOU (and your near & dear ones) with logical, scientific reasons and excellent tools so that together we can trigger your thoughts, fire your mind and touch your heart. You will then find it easy to create the Serenity and Wellness, the Prosperity and Peace you, your family and the society deserves.

Come let us move beyond mere wealth accumulation to Serene Wellness by setting our individual priorities and balancing ALL 7 Areas.

Reviews about the book:

The book “Serene Wellness” written by Naseem Mariam is an eye-opener in the field of holistic healing which the large population of the world is leaning towards in quest of a permanent remedy. The author has very methodically dealt with seven areas in simple and clear manner. This book is real educative material in the field of holistic healing and Naseem Mariam has done a wonderful job. I am sure the hard work of the author will yield good results and bring smile, health and serenity in everybody's lives

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Healer Naseem Mariam

Healer Naseem Mariam, an acupuncture doctor for nearly a decade, noticed that her patients achieved faster, long lasting healing as they incorporated balance in the 7 areas of their lives. Her greatest passion is to teach school/college students, young adults and every patient many simple healing techniques: acupressure, exercise, balanced diets, food supplements and lifestyle habits to increase immunity, get deeper refreshing sleep, balance emotions/mental states, and prevent common diseases. The healing goal of her Healing Associations is one healer in every home all over the world.

Prior to her healing practice, Naseem Mariam was a Communication Software Manager and motivational speaker for more than two decades. While in the IT industry she counseled, coached and mentored her IT staff to balance work with pleasure/leisure, schedule time for self, career, relatives and society. The more balance the person had in the 7 areas, the more effective and efficient (s)he was in his technical work.

You can learn more about her, subscribe to her e-newsletter and read her blog and articles at https://serenewellness.coach/