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Simplified GD&T Based on ASME Y14.5-2009

Author Name: Ashok Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Welcome to the journey of GD&T!

GD&T is a functional language between designer and manufacturer. It is growing, it is maturing, it is shaping itself. It is improving quality and efficiency. It is in huge demand in industry because it is saving costs! Want to know, how? Read on…

This book begin with the origin of GD&T. It will take you to fundamentals of dimensioning and tolerance with help of hole and shaft basis systems, for example basic/nominal size, limit, tolerance, actual size, deviation, allowance, and many such terms.

Further, it will it will take us to learn mechanical features, on which we apply GD&T and related terms, e.g., feature of size (FOS) and feature material condition (MMC/LMC/RFS), Datum, Datum feature frame, degree of freedom, datum target, datum simulators.

After covering fundamentals, It we will plunge in the core of the GD&T to learn fourteen geometric tolerances (straightness, flatness, circularity, cylindricity, etc.), we will look at practical application of each tolerance, the impact of MMC/LMC, bonus tolerance, method of writing in feature control frame, and more.

Further, we will proceed to advanced concepts of boundary and envelope, MMB, LMB, RFB, virtual condition, resultant condition, unrelated and related actual mating envelopes, etc.

There are many additional topics covered in this book, e.g., 14 modifiers, working with ISO-286, IT grades, etc.

You will learn more than you may expect from any GD&T book.

All the best! Happy learning!

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Ashok Kumar

Mr. Ashok Kumar is basically a mechanical engineer. He was All India Rank 1 in mechanical engineering during his studies, he is M. Tech. from IIT Mumbai, India. Mr. Kumar has international work experience in the USA, UK, Europe, UAE and the India. He has played various roles ranging from highly technical to managerial to leadership positions.

This book is intended to simplify and widespread the concepts of GD&T. Mr. Kumar considers it as revolutionary development for manufacturing industry to increase quality, efficiency and reduce cost. It is the need of the industry. Therefore, he invites all mechanical engineers to join this revolutionary development and participate in it.

Mr. Kumar is amongst best seller author across world. His another book on management is popular in USA, UK, Germany, France and the India. You can enjoy high quality content the find the traits of a topper while reading and learning from this book.

All the best! Happy learning!